The Untraceable City: Project Website

Our Path to Action document comes in the form of a website. This website, which can be found at, is a first step to take the conversation started at AScUS forward. The site revolves around the idea that, if we want to take this concept seriously, we should dive fully into many different topics that come to the fore when thinking of "building a city from scratch". In our workshop we tiptoed around topics like water, buildings, and energy, but there are many other topics that are important to take into consideration. Furthermore, we need to have a long and good look at all the existing projects, research, technologies, and initiatives that may exist on each of these topics. Once we have taken stock of what is out there, we can see if and how these ideas can be integrated into a blueprint.

The website we set up helps collect these ideas. It invites users to submit journal articles, newspaper articles, videos, websites, and other resources on each of the topics. Furthermore, users are invited to discuss the parameters and goals for each of the identified topics, and to bring up additional questions and suggestions around this idea. The Untraceable City is a long-term endeavor which will require lots of additional investigation and discussion, but with this website we hope to take the first step in that direction

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