Below you find a list of the Path-to-Action documents prepared by the session organizers. We invite you to browse the documents, and leave your comment and input online.

Title Author(s)
(Podcast) Just Realities : The podcast that explores the concept of JUSTICE Moderators : Santiago Perez and Mercedes Quesada-Embid. Wonderful participants : Amanda Stathopoulos, Christyn Williams, Dana Boyer, Elisa Borowski, Jessica Clement, Joe Frank Bozeman III, Kangkang Tong, Lisa Harseim, Maria Josefina Figueroa, Maureen Ferry, Nicholas A Hass, Oliver Heidrich, Rhythima Shinde, Shaurat S Chopra and Tom Logan.
Challenges and opportunities around open data - charting an actionable path - Session Outcomes Jens Peters, Anne Ventura, Paul Hoekman, Kimenthrie Finlay and Carolin Bellstedt
How can participatory governance help to grow urban sustainability? Cathrin Zengerling, Nikita John, Lisa Harseim, Malaz Saif
Reaching Youth and the Community: Collecting Ideas for Public Outreach as a Path to Action Maureen Ferry (Discussion lead), Begum Aydin, Elisa Borowski, Ismael Fernández Pérez de Azpeitia, Jens Peters, Jessica Clement, Joe Frank Bozeman III, Lynnette Widder, Matan Mayer, Nikita John, Santiago PEREZ, Shauhrat S. Chopra, Till Weidner
Scaling decentralised circular economy initiatives with a category-based compendium Till Weidner, Anne Ventura, Nallapaneni Manoj Kumar (with input from other session participants)
Smart Cities, Urban Infrastructure Transitions, and Sustainability - Part I Jessica Clement
Smart Cities, Urban Infrastructure Transitions, and Sustainability - Part II Kangkang Tong (Princeton University) Maureen Ferry (​HouseStories​) Jens Peters (University of Alcalá, Spain) Akintayo ABOLUDE (City University of Hong Kong, China) Oleksandr Galychyn (Parthenope University of Naples, Italy) Tom Logan (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) Jessica Clement (University of Liège, Belgium) Anne Ventura (Université Gustave Eiffel, France) Paul Hoekman (​Metabolism of Cities​) NALLAPANENI Manoj Kumar (City University of Hong Kong, China) Begum Aydin (Boğaziçi University, Turkey) Ismael Fernández Pérez de Azpeitia (IE University, Spain) Daniel Gabaldón-Estevan (U​niversity of Valencia​, Spain) Rhythima Shinde (​ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Spatialising the urban metabolism (Session organizers: Jean-Baptiste Bahers, Aristide Athanassiadis and Paul Hoekman) Jean-Baptiste Bahers, Aristide Athanassiadis, Paul Hoekman, Sabine Barles, Ursula Cardenas Mamani, Daniela Perrotti, Stephan Kampelmann
The Untraceable City: Project Website Paul Hoekman, Frances Taylor, Lynette Cheah, Sybil Derrible, Matan Mayer