Smart Cities, Urban Infrastructure Transitions, and Sustainability - Part I

The “Smart Cities, Urban Infrastructure Transitions, and Sustainability” discussion session was held on 4 June 2020 and moderated by Jessica Clement and Kangkang Tong. The session was divided into two parts, (1) smart cities and sustainable development and (2) urban infrastructure transitions for achieving sustainability.

This document concerns the first part, which focused on the alignment between the smart cities concept and urban sustainability. This part was designed as an open brainstorming session about what the smart city concept means across disciplines, and how to view the smart city as a part of an urban sustainability transition. The purpose of this format was to highlight key research questions that can help bridge the divide between the smart city literature and urban sustainability literature. These research questions, which are shaped by the conversations had during this session, are the output of this session, and help define a path to action in the research community that aims to couple more closely the ideas of a smart city and a sustainable city.

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