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Title Type Author(s) Year
Circularity: Just Science Fiction? Working paper Heather Rogers and Newsholme 2021
Transformative Urban Projects (TUP) Poster Lechón et al. 2021
Urban Metabolism: From early studies to learning activities for sustainable cities, urban planning and design Working paper Nadine Ibrahim 2021
Urban metabolism and the future of mobility Working paper Peters et al. 2021
What are the optimal boundaries of local reuse actions? Working paper Hamilton Ortiz 2021
(Podcast) Just Realities : The podcast that explores the concept of JUSTICE Podcast Perez et al. 2020
Challenges and opportunities around open data - charting an actionable path - Session Outcomes Document Jens Peters and Bellstedt 2020
How can participatory governance help to grow urban sustainability? Poster Zengerling et al. 2020
Reaching Youth and the Community: Collecting Ideas for Public Outreach as a Path to Action Document lead) et al. 2020
Scaling decentralised circular economy initiatives with a category-based compendium Document Weidner et al. 2020
Smart Cities, Urban Infrastructure Transitions, and Sustainability - Part I Document Jessica Clement 2020
Smart Cities, Urban Infrastructure Transitions, and Sustainability - Part II Note Alcalá et al. 2020
Spatialising the urban metabolism (Session organizers: Jean-Baptiste Bahers, Aristide Athanassiadis and Paul Hoekman) Conference Paper Bahers et al. 2020
The Untraceable City: Project Website Webpage Hoekman et al. 2020